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Silvertang 2.0 is open now for BETA testing.
BETA testers should apply for an administrator account. Send me an email:
The server is actually my laptop and the connection is a 1Mbps one so don't expect 100% uptime and fast speeds. IN fact you should expect ~75% uptime.
Have fun BETA testing :-) more
Posted/Updated at 12AM Saturday 04 Jul 2009
Some screenshots of the upcoming Silvertang 2.0:

Posted/Updated at 5PM Wednesday 01 Jul 2009
A complete re-write of this website, code-named Silvertang 2.0 is currently being developed. Every aspect of this website will be redesigned. This includes both the code and site design. The code will be more efficient, cleaner and more consistent. However, the site design will be re-designed last.
It is set for release in mid to end of July 2009
The new code will feature:

Over 1000 bug fixes ;-)
Better search engine compatibility
Cleaner and... more
Posted/Updated at 8PM Tuesday 30 Jun 2009
Never mind! A nice person by the name of Steven has given me an invite.
If someone has a demonoid account, please be as so kind to send me an invite?
My email address is in the contact section of my website.... more
Posted/Updated at 5PM Monday 29 Jun 2009
The record for the longest time in the library while being banned by Ms. Jeffery is:
1. 20:34"65 - GooseRampage
2. 5:27"45 - GooseRampage
The shortest time lasting is somewhere between 2 seconds and one minute also made by GooseRampage.... more
Posted/Updated at 4PM Wednesday 17 Jun 2009
...this article cannot be seen if you browse to page two of this site.... more
Posted/Updated at 9PM Monday 15 Jun 2009
I've finished making my first C++ program.
So far, it only runs on Linux and BSD systems. It just prints out a couple lines of code.
1. Download
2. Make a new folder called "sudowoodo" (without the quotes) in your home folder.
3. Extract to the directory in the home folder
4. Open Terminal and type: cd sudowoodo
5. Now type: make And then, type: make install more
Posted/Updated at 8PM Monday 15 Jun 2009
I have a BETA ready before I talk to the admins.
The link to it is:
The current one can be seen at
Suggestions welcome :)... more
Posted/Updated at 12AM Friday 12 Jun 2009
I live to use CXMB on CFW. And now, its out for 5.03GEN-A!
Now I can use custom themes on my PSP3k :)
If you run into trouble and the PSP reboots but goes back to official theme, do the following.
Download CTF Convertor
Put the EXE into ... more
Posted/Updated at 7PM Monday 08 Jun 2009
The long awaited custom firmware has finally come to the PSP-3000!!
MaGiXien from have released a custom firmware enabler for the PSP3k.
:) :) :)
Posted/Updated at 4PM Sunday 07 Jun 2009
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